Before reading: Security

Understanding Scatter's Security

Scatter's entire local storage is not accessible by web applications.
The only way that an application can get any information out of it is by requesting it from you.
Private keys will never leave your computer ; they are encrypted and will NEVER be given to applications.
The only thing they get is signatures that have been created by using your private key to sign data.

For a much more elaborate explanation of Scatter's security please visit the link below:

Setting up Scatter

Downloading Scatter

Warning: you must download Scatter extension only from a trusted source (Chrome Store or Mozilla Addons) and validate its extension identifier once installed!
Depending on your browser, go to one of the following locations and follow instructions in order to install Scatter. Once installed, you must validate the extension.
  • On Chrome:
    Copy/paste the following url into Chrome's URL bar: chrome://extensions/
    Activate developer mode (by using the switch in the top right side of the Extensions Page).
    Find the Scatter extension and you should see an "id" property.
    Check that it matches EXACTLY the following: ammjpmhgckkpcamddpolhchgomcojkle
  • On Firefox:
    There is no way to validate the extension. If you're not sure, you can use Chrome instead.

Import keypair

  • Copy your private key
  • Open Scatter and click on « Key Pairs » in the main menu
  • Click on « New »
  • Paste your private key in the « Private Key » field
  • Name that private key in order to identify it quickly
  • Click on the « Save » button to finalize import

Import EOS account

  • Open Scatter and click on « Identities » in the main menu
  • A random identity name will be generated. You can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon
  • Scroll down to the « Account » section and select the EOS Mainnet option from the dropdown.
  • Select the keypair you want to use in order to associate an account in the second dropdown
  • Click on the « Import » button to ask Scatter to look for an account
  • If an account is found, a prompt will popup to let you select EOS account permission
  • Since both keys are the same right now you can select either, but it is recommended to only use your active EOS permission.
  • Once the account selected, click on « Use Selected Account »
  • Save the changes by clicking on the « Save » button in the top right

Pair Scatter account

Now that your EOS account is imported into Scatter and linked to EOS network, you have to pair it with our website.
Click on one of the « Login with Scatter » buttons.
You'll be asked to allow franceos EOS BPs Report to have access to one of your Scatter identities along with your linked EOS account.

Vote with Scatter

Once an account paired with the website, a checkbox will appear at the left of each producer on the main EOS BPs Report page.
Select up to 30 producers. The count will be displayed on the « Vote with Scatter » button.
Once done, click on that button. Scatter will ask you to review and accept the transaction.
And voila!